You are born to succeed

You are born to succeed
You are born to succeed

You can see you have a reason to be proud, to be happy for you are born luckier than you have ever thought or imagined. You have inherited from the vast reservoir of the past, all the potential abilities and powers you need to achieve your objectives in life.

Yes, you were born a champion and no matter what obstacles and difficulties lie in your way they are not one tenth so great as the ones that have already been overcome at the moment of your conception.

Victory is already built into a living person and you have no excuse! You have no reason whatsoever to think that the good Lord hates you and marked your way with thorns, hopelessness, miseries, adversities and bad luck.


Are you willing to listen then, “direct your thoughts, control your emotions and ordain your destiny” for you are launched in a great journey. You are going somewhere. You are moving. You are not standing still!

You are like the pilot of an aeroplane and the captain of a ship. You are on your way through rough and unfamiliar clouds and waters. “To reach the end of your journey successfully you will need many of the skills of a navigator”.

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