Be Proud to be a Woman

Be Proud to be a Woman - Book Cover
Be Proud to be a Woman - Book Cover

A woman is the greatest gift to mankind – she is the spice and seasoning of life anytime. She is the soul of any party. Read all the important mysteries and wonders about this rare specie called “woman”. The knowledge of woman is harmony, happiness and life.
The book is about woman, her love, beauty, achievements, successes and contributions women have made and are making in the world. This book is an icon to men in love, in marriage in relationship or about to get married.

Brief contents:

  • Woman, Love and Beauty
  • Understanding a woman, the song that reminds you of love.
  • Do you know “Mother” is the sweetest name and the beginning of life? Is your mum a mum in a million?
  • Tools to heal damaged relationships and more.

A woman is an icon, the most expensive, explosive and the greatest gift to mankind.

This book is superbly written in simple, easy, understandable language. It provides panacea for all affairs of the heart. The author methodically and dynamically explored all aspects of human relationships relating to the wonders and the mysteries surrounding this rare Species called “Woman”.

This book is an ideal present or gift for your loved ones anytime especially during Mother’s Day, Valentine, Easter and Christmas etc. No man or woman can do without this sensational book!

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