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Justus Emman
Justus Emman - Book Author

Justus E. E. Amadiegwu writes under the pen name of Justus Emman. He wrote his first novel – I Now Know My Love – at the age of 16 in secondary school.

He has written over 20 works to date including four published motivational books like ‘Be Proud To Be a Woman‘. ‘Oformata the Agent of the gods‘ is the latest publication; some yet to be published novels include ‘An Antelope for a Bride’, ‘I Kissed a Thousand Sands of Freedom’ and ‘Shakolokobangoshay’.

Justus Emman was born of Ibo parents in Nigeria but currently resides in London. He is happily married with five children.

He has lived and worked in England for over 30 years where he has studied and practised Accountancy, Business Management and Secretarial skills as well as working in the service industry. He is a professional photographer, treasure hunter and antique and stamp collector.

He belongs to many writing organisations. As a person, he is creative, dynamic, enthusiastic, outspoken and a great storyteller!

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