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A Cat for the President's Daughters
Discover Zozza the talking cat in the new book from Justus Emman



A Cat for the President’s Daughters

Many of us see hundreds of cats everyday and never bothered to look, admire or love them as they would have wished.
The cats are one of the wisest, intelligent and most helpful among the domesticated animals or pets. They are equally very protective and powerful!

Do you know their histories? Cats were not only worshipped and revered in the past but respected and protected.
You don’t have to be a cat lover to admire the beauty, poise, suppleness, and slyness of our feline friends!

You have an open invitation here in this book to read the story of an elusive, mysterious, and most powerful ginger cat called Zozza! Zozza gate crashed into the American White House with a purpose. Have a guess!

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